Your Story Is a Family Treasure

We all want to know about our roots.  How the lives of our grandparents, our parents – or even our own lives – have been influenced by events or personal decisions or life philosophies. 

People want to preserve their family stories on video for many reasons.  Some are concerned future generations will have little or no knowledge of their family heritage.  Others want to ensure they, themselves, are not forgotten.  Most people want to share their life experiences so others will learn from them in a very personal way that reflects their own emotions.  And just about everyone wants their stories to be remembered in their own words, not as various people might remember bits and pieces of the stories. 

Whatever your reasons for wanting to preserve your life episodes – your Lifeisodes – on video, I am here to help make it happen.

What I’ve come to understand is that one person’s story can become a whole family’s treasure.  The story might be appreciated now or at some other time by future generations.  The point is, the story doesn’t vanish.  Legacy is preserved.  Values are recorded.  Life experiences and lessons are shared.  And there will be no regrets for not having asked questions or shared important life episodes – important Lifeisodes.

Lifeisodes’ goal is to guide you as you tell the stories you want to preserve, and then produce a professional video for your family to treasure for many years and generations to come.


My passion for preserving stories on video is a direct result of my experience as a communications professional.  

For over 20 years, I helped organizations communicate their own stories more effectively. I interviewed countless individual executives, employees, board members and customers to elicit their experiences, insights and perspectives – their stories – within a safe and caring environment.

I’ve discovered that even the most hesitant, once trust is established between us, become willing and even eager to share their stories.

I’ve learned that when people’s stories are captured on video and expertly edited, the authenticity and energy that video allows makes those stories even more compelling. They touch both hearts and heads, and leave a gentle imprint that time can’t erase.

As a Personal Storyographer, whether you know me as Sheryl or Tobey, I am dedicated to ensuring the comfort of my clients as they share episodes of their lives – their Lifeisodes – to be treasured by present and future generations.