My passion for preserving stories on video is a direct result of my experience as a communications professional.  

For over 20 years, I helped organizations communicate their own stories more effectively. I interviewed countless individual executives, employees, board members and customers to elicit their experiences, insights and perspectives – their stories – within a safe and caring environment.

I’ve discovered that even the most hesitant, once trust is established between us, become willing and even eager to share their stories.

I’ve learned that when people’s stories are captured on video and expertly edited, the authenticity and energy that video allows makes those stories even more compelling. They touch both hearts and heads, and leave a gentle imprint that time can’t erase.

As a Personal Storyographer, whether you know me as Sheryl or Tobey, I am dedicated to ensuring the comfort of my clients as they share episodes of their lives – their Lifeisodes – to be treasured by present and future generations.