Personal Stories on Video


Beginning with sensitive interviews, stories on video typically include professional videography and sound, careful editing, family photos and appropriate music. The story can be as short as one chapter or as long as a whole life story. It can be told by one person or others can also be interviewed to add layers to a person’s story.



Ethical Videos


It’s all about how you want to be remembered.  An ethical video might include lessons learned, life philosophies, advice to loved ones.


What to Expect

Once we’ve met and talked about your project, we’ll meet again and discuss an overview of the stories you’d like to tell.

Based on what you’ve shared with me, I will prepare questions to guide you along during the actual filming.

We’ll meet in a location that is comfortable for you and a professional videographer will take care of filming while you share your stories with me.

I will edit the video footage, add family photos and appropriate music.

And then…you get to share your video life story with your family.


Getting Started

If you’re visiting the Lifeisodes website, you likely understand how your life story, or the story of your parents or grandparents, will become your family’s treasure.  You may not know when, but you expect it will be important to future generations to learn about their heritage.  You may already know what stories you want to share.  Whatever stage you’re at in considering a personal story on video, I’ll be honoured to help you determine your next steps.