What’s involved?

We meet and talk about the project.

We discuss an overview of the stories you’d like to tell.

Your stories are filmed by a professional videographer while I guide you through your storytelling.

I edit, then add photos, family videos and appropriate music.

You share your video life story with your family.


Can you produce a video about someone who is deceased?

Absolutely.  As long as there are people who remember the person, there are likely still stories to share and preserve for future generations.


Can I start with a chapter or two of my life, or does it have to be a whole life story?

Whether a chapter, a few chapters or a full life story, I would be delighted to work with you.


What if I get nervous being in front of a camera?

It’s interesting how people forget very quickly there is even a camera in the room.  My goal is to make storytelling as comfortable as possible for you.  


How much will it cost?

Since every person’s story is unique, an estimate will be prepared once we have had the opportunity to discuss your project together.


My stories are very personal. What if I only want to share them with my family?

It is often easier to share life stories with a third party.  And, what we discuss about your life stories remains confidential.  It is up to you to decide who to share your video with.


I don’t think my life is interesting.  What would I say?

Many people feel that way, however, everyone has a story to tell.  You may not know the impact your story will have now or in the future.  The thing is, if you don’t tell your story your family will never have the opportunity to learn from your life experiences.


I am not sure what stories to tell.  Where do I start?

Not to worry.  We will guide you through a process to help you decide what you’d like to share.


What if I want to just talk about what I’ve learned in my life, how I want to be remembered, and share my philosophies?

Passing along ethical values, hopes, dreams, and lessons learned to the next and future generations is a long standing tradition.  We would be happy to help you create an ethical video.